How to secure your linux server

Server security for Linux is a tedious job especially if you monitorlinux security several servers at a time. It’s hard enough to keep an eye on your home server even if it doesn’t really connect with the outside world. But, if you need to secure multiple servers that can be accessed from the outside, then, you’re in for every day maintenance work.

Some administrators prefer to use the Linux OS for their servers because it has its advantages. For people who don’t know this, I’ll be discussing several points you need to keep an eye on when running Linux.

Limit Installed Software and Service

A server can handle a lot of installed software since most of them have huge storage space. However, what many don’t realize is that too many installed software can lead to out-dated patches which can be the reason why you have a security breach since that program is vulnerable to an attack.

In order for you to keep that from happening, make a list of the software that your server needs and just install those on that list. You’ll be monitoring a lesser number of software reducing the chance of an unpatched version.

The same goes for the services that your software will run. A large number of services can be difficult to monitor because it runs in certain ports. You have to check the services running at the start-up to avoid opening ports that can be attacked by hackers.

Other than that, a tried a tried and true way is to actually limit the personnel that have access to your server. It is the prerogative of the server administrator to restrict knowledge on server access codes. Make sure you have given access to the right people.

Server Security Tutorials

secure server

There are websites that teach you code on how to make your Linux server more secure. Some of the more common tutorials are the IP table rules and on server monitoring software. is a website that publishes trusted tutorials like these and more which means you can improve your security coding for Linux.

If you’ve learned enough about Linux to try it as the OS for your servers, then, you can easily switch to Linux through They have the latest Linux OS and patches available plus they will teach the step-by-step process in switching to this reliable OS.